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Cot-death baby's ambulance sent to wrong county

A FAMILY whose newborn son died endured a 30-minute wait for an ambulance as it was dispatched to the wrong address in a different county.

Morfeusz Chlamtacz, who was only three-and-a-half weeks old, died of suspected cot death in the early hours of Monday.

His mother, Katarzyna made a 999 call just after 1am but had to wait for more than half an hour for the ambulance to arrive to their home at Tennis Village in Tralee, Co Kerry.

It has emerged that the delay occurred because paramedics had been dispatched to a wrong address in a different county – Tennis Village, Model Farm Road, Cork city.

The ambulance that eventually arrived at the baby's home is based in Tralee and is only a few minutes drive from the address.

The Health Service Executive (HSE) has acknowledged the first emergency resource arrived at the scene 30 minutes after the 999 call was made.

It confirmed the call had been received at 1.16am on Monday.

Since May, the National Ambulance Service, based in Dublin, has taken management of emergency ambulance calls for Cork and Kerry.


Morfeusz's heartbroken father Sebastian was in Poland when his baby son died. Morfeusz was the couple's only son. They already had two little girls, Kora (2) and Tola (5).

"I don't know what happened," said Mr Chlamtacz.

"When I rang my wife on Sunday evening at 5pm everything was okay. The doctor said that he stopped breathing when he was asleep."

The HSE has extended its sympathies to the family.

A statement said the Ambulance Service was satisfied the "necessary protocols around responding to an emergency were adhered to in this case".

It said: "Following an examination of the facts, the HSE can confirm that, despite the best efforts of Ambulance Control staff, there were significant challenges in establishing the exact location of the caller.

"Regrettably, this led to a delay in locating the patient."