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Costa cops nab fugitive mobster in luxury villa


Andrew Moran

Andrew Moran

Andrew Moran

SPANISH police sneaked up on a British fugitive as he sunbathed, arresting him in a dramatic raid that even saw the suspect leap onto the roof of a nearby outhouse to try to get away.

The arrest of Andrew Terence Moran (31) came some four years after he assaulted and escaped from security guards during an armed robbery trial in the UK.

Moran was found at a luxury villa in Calpe, a resort on the Alicante coast, an interior ministry statement said yesterday.

Police video footage showed how officers stealthily approached a swimming pool while hiding behind walls before pouncing on Moran as he relaxed by the pool.



As soon as police jumped over the walls, Moran tried to flee, leaping onto the tiled roof of a pool-side outhouse before being captured.

According to Britain's Serious Organised Crime Agency, police also seized two handguns, 60 rounds of ammunition and a machete.

"Moran thought he could evade capture fleeing to Spain, frequently changing his appearance and using false identities," said Matt Burton, SOCA's head of investigations.

Moran and an associate, Stephen Devalda (29), were accused of stealing £25,000 (€29,000) from a mail van in Colne, northwest England, using a handgun, machete and baseball bat.

A security guard was injured in the May 2005 robbery.

During his escape from custody in 2009, Moran assaulted four security guards and vaulted over the courtroom dock.

He was convicted in his absence of conspiracy to commit armed robbery.

Alerted to his presence near the Mediterranean coast, Spanish police tracked him down last November. However, Moran managed to get away after using his vehicle to ram two cars belonging to the police and driving off at high speed on the wrong side of a road.

A search of the house he had been living in at the time uncovered a handgun, ammunition, and 5kg of cannabis, among other items. Moran is due to appear in a Madrid court this morning where a judge will begin extradition proceedings.



Devalda was arrested in March 2011 at a hotel in the southern luxury resort of Marbella. He was extradited to Britain where he was sentenced to nine years and eight months in jail for conspiracy to commit armed robbery and seven months for jumping bail.