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Corrupt: Ex-minister Flynn braves storm for Mass

LOOKING his usual sharp-suited smug self, Pee Flynn acted holier than thou as he emerged from his post-Mahon bunker.

The disgraced former minister braved the public for the first time -- to attend Mass.

While most think the corrupt 72-year-old would be better off going to confession, Padraig Flynn brazenly smirked as photographers spotted him on the streets of his native Castlebar. He was accompanied by his wife Dorothy. The Mahon report said a £50,000 donation to Fianna Fail was used to buy land in her name.

Flynn -- who still gets three pensions totalling €87,129 from the public purse -- wore a dapper suit, striped shirt and tie to noon Mass in the Holy Rosary Church.

Dorothy wore a grey suit along with classic pearls, gloves and a silk scarf.

Daughter Beverley also stood firmly by her father as they risked a backlash from locals.

Sources described the family as "arrogant and unapologetic". Locals said that his attitude hasn't changed since the infamous Late Late Show interview with Gay Byrne in 1999.


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