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Corrie will have to wait ... my kids need me here

SINGER turned actor Keith Duffy won't be returning to the cobbles of Coronation Street anytime soon - because his children need him in Dublin.

Bosses at the soap have left the door open for Duffy's character Ciaran to return, but he has said 'no thanks'.

The former Boyzone man explained to the Herald that his daughter Mia (11), who suffers from autism, needs him to stay home for a while.

"I love Corrie, it is a great show to work on, but I had a discussion with Lisa, my wife, about it. The kids kind of need me around this year. I've been away forever and Mia is going to be transitioning between primary school and secondary school this year, she's in her last year of primary school.

"It's a big year, because the transition is going to be huge. Going from a classroom setting of three kids and one teacher to different classrooms and different teachers, that's going to be a huge thing for her.

"I need to be here to start helping her in small stages. I'm going to be bringing her down to the school early to get her used to things. So I feel like I just needed to be in Ireland this year," he said.


The Dublin star, who is currently on a national tour with the play Big Maggie, had just returned to the TV soap as Ciaran McCarthy this autumn before announcing that he would be leaving again.

And now he says that although Coronation Street bosses have told him he can return to the Rovers any time he wants, spending time in Ireland with his wife and children is his priority for 2012, especially when it comes to Mia.

"Corrie were very disappointed that I couldn't stay on, and they said the door is open there for when I want to go back, but I want to stay in Ireland for a while. They said all I have to do is give them eight weeks' notice and I can be back on the show."

Although Keith may be off our TV screens for now, he isn't the only talented soap star in the family.

His son Jay (15) has been playing Declan Brady on the UK soap Hollyoaks, but his proud father says that although Jay has dreams of swapping school for a full-time soap career, he will make sure he finishes school first.

"His plan is to leave school and do acting full-time, but that's not my plan, he's definitely going to finish school."