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Coroner records an open verdict


Fiachra and family

Fiachra and family

Fiachra and family

A Priory Hall resident and father of two children who took his own life was stressed about a mortgage extension in the days before his death, an inquest has heard.

Fiachra Daly (38), was "intoxicated with alcohol and cocaine" when he was found on July 15 last year in a top floor bedroom at Churchwell Avenue, Belmayne, Dublin 13, the house his family had been living in since November 2011 following their evacuation from Priory Hall.

His partner Stephanie Meehan told the Dublin coroner that the weekend of his death had been a normal one.

On the morning of Sunday, July 14, Mr Daly got up and made breakfast for his family. In the afternoon he went to a hotel to watch a match where he had a few drinks while she went to visit her parents with their kids, she said.

He was already at home when they returned to the house and she went to the shop for a bottle of wine. They drank a glass each while they watched TV. "He seemed fine," she said.

At around 10pm, she went to bed while he stayed up. Their son Oisin woke at 11pm with pains in his legs and she went to look after him, falling asleep on his bed.


Ms Meehan said that she woke up between 8.30am and 9am and called Fiachra on his phone a number of times. She thought he was at work, she told the court.

When she opened the blinds in their daughter Cerys's bedroom she saw his van outside and thought he had slept in. She ran upstairs shouting "Fiachra, you're late for work" but when she got up to the third floor bedroom, she found him hanging.

"I touched his face and it was cold," she said.

Mr Daly had been dead for a number of hours when he was found. No note or letter was

Dr Brian Farrell told the family that because there were drugs and a "high level of alcohol" in Mr Daly's system, it is not possible to say that he was in his "clear mind" when he took his own life

He returned an open verdict.