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Coroner calls for helmets in bike scheme

CITY officials will consider making helmets available for hire as part of the city bikes scheme.

The city coroner Dr Brian Farrell said recently that he would write to the council recommending they examine the possibility of making helmets available for hire with the dublinbikes scheme.

His remarks came at the inquest into the death of a 21-year-old Brazilian man who was not wearing a helmet when he sustained fatal head injuries after hiring a dublinbike.

Leonardo Souza da Silva, a medical student, died when he fell off his bike and hit the rear bumper of a taxi while cycling home after a night out.

Dr Farrell also said he would be recommending that safety information be prominently displayed at bike stations.

A spokesman for the council told the Herald: "Dublin City Council gives full consideration to all recommendations made by the coroner's court.

"The council responds to the coroner in due course in relation to all recommendations received," he said.

He said that in relation to helmets, they "are not mandatory when using a dublinbike but members of the scheme are encouraged to wear one".

The dublinbikes website does include road safety guidelines on its website stating: "We recommend that you wear a cycling helmet and high visibility clothing."


People are also advised to adapt their speed to suit weather conditions, and wear reflective clothing in bad weather conditions and at night.

It says that the bikes are regularly serviced to ensure they are fit for their intended use at all times. The project has been one of the most successful city bikes schemes in the world.

Approximately 70,000 subscribers have signed up to use the bikes since they were introduced in September 2009. More than 3.2 million journeys have been taken on dublinbikes since its inception.

Hundreds more bike stations will be introduced across the capital as far north as Whitehall, south to Rathgar and west to Drimnagh over the next three years.



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