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Corballys linked to ‘Bloodbath’ brawl which left one dead

THE CORBALLY brothers were suspected of involvement in the ‘Park West Bloodbath’ – a brutal gang fight which led to the death of an English criminal last September.

Jason Martin (39) was knifed to death during a brawl outside a pub in Ballyfermot in the early hours of the morning.

Two gangland factions in the locality were believed to have been involved in the vicious fight which led to the death of the British man.

Martin, from Manchester, had links with drug dealers from one of the gangs.

The bloodbath which led to the murder was thought by detectives to have been organised.

It is believed the Corballys were on one side, and the chief suspect for their murder was on the other.


The fight was believed to have been arranged after Bernard Dunne's world title defence on a Saturday night but got completely out of control.

Martin was murdered between 1.30am and 2am on September 27 outside Hannigen's pub on Park West Road in Ballyfermot.

As more people got involved, the row spilled onto the plaza and into the car park.

When gardai arrived at the scene, they found up to 20 people involved in the disturbance.

Hockey sticks, a hatchet, knives and broken glasses and bottles were all used in the melee.

Martin was found by gardai near steps which led down to the car park.

He was taken to Tallaght hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

Gardai found a second injured man in the back of a white Toyota van in the car park. The man, in his 20s and from the local area, sustained a stomach wound.

“It appears to have been an arranged boxing match. But it got out of control when one guy pulled a knife and then everyone else reached for weapons,” a source told the Herald at the time.

Martin was on the run in Dublin while being hunted by British police for a killing in Lancashire last year.

Gardai believe he was hiding out with criminals in Ballyfermot to whom he previously dealt drugs.

Last February, four people, including a Dublin solicitor, were arrested in relation to the murder.

They were released without charge.