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Corbally murder weapon was a stolen PSNI gun

THE TWO weapons used to murder the Corbally brothers and the Don's driver Colm Owens both originated in the North.

Gardai investigating the bloody murders are now pursuing the Northern Ireland link with the three gangland deaths.

The weapon used to shoot Eamon Dunne's close pal Colm 'Collie' Owens (34) was used in a hit linked to dissident republicans.

The gun which riddled Owens with eight bullets on Friday afternoon was previously used to gun down Jason Egan (23) as he closed his paper shop in Mulhuddart, west Dublin, last October.

He was shot four times in the chest in an attack which has been blamed on the Provisional IRA.

Gardai believe that the motive for the murder was a revenge attack for the killing of doorman Wayne Doherty (34) in July last year.

It has also emerged one of the guns used to assassinate Paul (35) and Kenneth Corbally (32) was stolen from the home of a female PSNI officer in Northern Ireland.

It is understood that a 9mm semi-automatic Glock pistol that was found in the burnt-out wreckage of the getaway car that was used in the murder has been ballistically traced back to the PSNI.

The Glock pistol, which is the handgun of choice in Ireland's criminal underworld, is one of the official firearms stolen from the PSNI/RUC since 1997.

The gun was most likely sold to a wet Dublin criminal gang by a criminal organisation in the North.

Paul Corbally and his brother Ken were shot dead on June 28 as they drove a Lexus on the Neilstown Road in Clondalkin.

More than 20 shots were pumped into the car and the two men died instantly. A 14-year-old boy who was sitting in the back of the car was injured and taken to hospital.

Paul Corbally had 35 wounds on his body after the attack a fortnight ago.

The PSNI gun was found in an Audi A6 that was found burnt out in Lucan just minutes after the double murder.

A rival Ballyfermot gangster remains the chief suspect in the murder investigation after the Corbally brothers tried to take him out two months ago in Bluebell.

Armed gardai have been patrolling the streets of Ballyfermot since the killings as gang tensions threaten to boil over into an all-out gang war.

Gardai investigating the murder of 'Collie' Owens last Friday are still trying to establish a motive for the planned attack.