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Cops fear spate of cash van hold-ups

GARDAI are on red alert for cash-in-transit robberies in the run-up to Christmas.

With more money in tills over the coming weeks, officers fear gangs will target cash vans.

"There is so much cash floating around at this time of year, there is bound to be a big increase in this type of crime," a gardai source said.

"Criminals are hungry for money at this time of year. We regard this as the dark period."

The latest raid took place this week, with €16,000 stolen at gunpoint outside a Domino's Pizza in Glasnevin.

"This was terrifying for the security employee, he had a gun pointed at him and was threatened," the gardai source said.


There have been no arrests, but the investigation into the robbery, which happened on Monday at 3pm, is ongoing.

A car used by the raiders was found abandoned less than a mile from the scene of the crime. It was not burnt out, so evidence could still be found.

The cash-in-transit robbery was the second in three years at the Domino's store.

In a separate case this month, €28,000 was stolen from a G4S van at Emmet Road, Inchicore.

Detectives arrested a number of criminals who are part of a Crumlin-based gang, but no one was charged and the money from inside the van was found.

The Herald has learned that two of the most prolific robbery gangs in north Dublin are not suspects in the Glasnevin case. The leader of one of those gangs is currently in custody.


As we revealed last month, the gardai's organised crime unit is in the late stages of an probe into a criminal who officers say is behind nine cash-in transit robberies since March.

The reformed drug addict from Finglas, north Dublin, is now in custody after being arrested on outstanding theft warrants by heavily-armed members of the OCU.

He was also questioned last month at Blanchardstown Garda Station about two cash-in-transit robberies in that area during the summer.

Gardai are also satisfied that a gang led by a criminal nicknamed "Fishy" was also not involved in Monday's raid.