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Cops defend quick jail release for Paris

Las Vegas police have defended Paris Hilton's quick release from jail after her arrest on suspicion of cocaine possession, saying they wanted to avoid disruptions in the jail's operations.

Hilton was out of the jail in about three hours, roughly half the average time it takes to process people facing the same charge through the Clark County Detention Centre.

Police Deputy Chief Jim Dixon, who runs the jail, acknowledged Hilton was pushed through the booking process to get her into a separate room and out of the jail as soon as possible.

He noted that during the arrest a crowd of about 100 people gathered outside the Wynn Las Vegas resort to snap photos of Hilton while her boyfriend, Cy Waits, was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence.

"Yeah, she was treated differently so I don't have a disruption of my process here at the county jail," Mr Dixon said.

"When you bring somebody in like that, everybody tries to look at them. I'd have officers attempting to keep inmates away from her. I'd have disruptions."


Jessica Murray, of Bob's Bail Bonds, said she was bothered by Hilton's rapid release.

Ms Murray, whose clients are mostly suspected prostitutes, said the average booking time on those charges is four to 12 hours, followed by another four to 12 hours until release.

"I don't understand putting her above everyone else," Ms Murray said. "If you're alleged to commit a crime, you get treated like everybody else."