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Cooking, casual chat and gender politics ... all in a day's work

This week has been pretty hectic because on top of my usual commitments to Pantibar, I've been touring my stand-up show, High Heels In Low Places, and promoting my book, Woman In The Making.

On Friday I was in Wexford doing my show in The Spiegel Tent Festival.

There are two gorgeous Spiegel tents set up on the quays and while I was doing my show in one, Tommy Tiernan was doing his in the tent next door.

His tent was bigger than mine - but my hair is a lot bigger than his!

It was great fun and afterwards I did a book signing and got to chat with people.


Before we headed back to Dublin we went to the busy port-pub local chipper and twenty minutes later realised we'd left two bags there with laptops and wallets and phones in them. We rushed back in a panic to find them both still sitting on the table where we'd left them. Good people in Wexford!

Last Sunday I did a book signing in the afternoon (I don't do mornings!) in Dubray Books on Grafton Street, which was great fun.

The pink and purple fringed dress that I wore to the book signing was a gift from the wonderful London-based Irish knitwear designer Tim Ryan Knitwear. Thanks Tim!

It was really lovely to meet so many people, some of whom had come quite far to meet an old drag queen - one gay couple were on their honeymoon from Wisconsin in the USA.

There were also a lot of proud parents who'd come to get the book signed for their gay kids, which really warmed my cynical old heart. And singer Brian Kennedy popped in to nab a copy too (pictured left).

After the signing I hot-footed it back to Pantibar on Capel Street where I play records and hangout every Sunday evening.

The rest of the week has mostly been taken up with promotion for the book so that means lots of running around to interviews in radio and TV studios, and meeting print journalists in hotel bars.

Promoting a book or a show is a funny business. One minute you're cooking with Lucy Kennedy on TV3, the next you're laughing with Ray Darcy on the radio, and the next you're talking about gender politics with a serious-faced journalist over coffee in The Westbury.