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Convict stole on his way out

A New Mexico inmate on his way out of jail was quickly thrown back in after stealing another inmate's cash and then treating himself to a hearty lunch.

Frank Rodriguez-Tapia (20) stole $80 (¤61) in cash while a guard's back was turned as he was walking out of jail.

The money belonged to another inmate who was just being booked into the Santa Fe jail. Rodriguez-Tapia was supposed to report to the electronic monitoring office, but instead bought a burger. He will now face new theft charges.

Bank robber left a trail

A suspected bank robber is behind bars after police in northern California followed a trail of stolen money.

Police said that after the BBVA Compass Bank was held up, Kendrick Roby fled to an apartment complex about two streets away.

When police were called to the complex, officers arrested Roby, 24, after following a trail of loose cash. The stolen money was recovered. He is pleading not guilty to robbery.

Digital switch helps TV sales

A spike in the sale of television sets for the digital switchover helped boost retailers' figures.

The Central Statistics Office revealed the volume and value of sales both rose by almost 1pc in September.