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Convention centre staff to get area for smoking

DESPITE hundreds of millions of euro spent building Dublin's state-of-the-art Convention Centre, it appears staff suffering from nicotine cravings have found it a bit of a drag.

While convention delegates from all over the world are informed they must confine their smoking on the premises to the canopy outside the front of the building, staff members were banned from lighting up out front.

But now, almost three years after the centre opened in Dublin's Docklands, the staff are finally to get a purpose-built smoking area of their own.

The centre has sent an application for planning permission to Dublin City Council to construct the smoking area on the side of the centre near the rear of the giant building.



The shelter will be adjacent to an existing pedestrian walkway connecting North Wall Quay and Mayor Street, located between the Convention Centre and Block C of the Spencer Dock development.

A spokeswoman for the centre told the Herald the shelter will allow smokers among the staff to have "a bit of comfort" when they light up.

To date, they had no protection from the elements when they smoked outside near a rear staff entrance.