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Controversy over Anabel death is made into a film

A book on the controversy surrounding the violent death of teen Brian Murphy is to made into a film.

Brian (18) was killed outside Club Anabel on Leeson Street in 2000, after a fight with a group of schoolboys from Blackrock College. It led to one of the most talked-about trials of the decade.

Following his death, Kevin Power, who was studying in UCD at the same time as those tried for Murphy's death, published a book chronicling the story, which is being used as the inspiration for the film.

The book, Bad Day In Blackrock, is classed as fiction, but bears a number of similarities to the killing.

His story involves three rugby-playing, 'Brookfield Boys', who attack a young man outside a Dublin nightclub who subsequently dies from his injuries.

It narrates each trial and the effect of the sentencing and media attention on all of those involved.

Power said that, in spite of his reservations about the plot's translation to the big screen, he will not be involved in the production.

"A film is more high profile.

"Hopefully it will be sensitive and intelligently made," he said.


"They don't need me sticking my oar in. I don't know about films and these guys do. It is very reassuring that they will be taking a nuanced and intelligent approach.

"The only request I made was that the UCD sections would be filmed in UCD, and this has been agreed."

The film has been given the green light by Element Pictures production company, which have previously produced The Wind That Shakes The Barley and Garage.

Acclaimed director Lenny Abrahamson is set to direct, with the screenplay being written by Malcolm Campbell, an English screenwriter who has worked on popular British shows such as Shameless and Skins.

Element Pictures said the adaptation was still in the early stages and they would not be discussing the film.