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Consultation is key in sea wall battle

DUBLIN CITY Council is very clearly intent on erecting its proposed flood barrier in Clontarf. This ongoing issue has proved divisive to date, with 3,000 locals turning out at a recent protest against the €9.8m works.

Locals claim that the barrier will block their views of the sea. The Council insists that the works are necessary to ensure that the area does not flood in future years.

While both arguments have their merits, recent comments made by a City Council official about the mother of late broadcaster Gerry Ryan displayed poor judgment, if not poor taste.

Speaking in a discussion on the plan, council executive manager Tom Leahy quoted the late Maureen Ryan as pleading for a solution to flooding.

Gerry Ryan's brother Mano described the comments as "unfortunate". They were. They were also needless.

Full consultation with residents, and not comments like those made by Mr Leahy, is needed to resolve the stand-off over this issue.