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Construction was as tough as I expected, but overall it was OK

IT was the construction studies exam yesterday and it was difficult enough, just as I was expecting.

I didn't get it all finished - I missed out on the last question I had to do. I got stuck on one question and I ran out of time.

Some people left early, but the paper was all right overall.

We have to do five questions out of 10 and each has a lot of different sub-sections.

There was one question where you had to calculate the heat lost in a house and how much you pay for oil over the year using formulas.


It was the only one that had maths in it, and it's actually what I got stuck on because it was confusing, but I got through it eventually.

I also did a scale and drawing question.

The answers are short bullet points and you had to use labelled sketches as well. Three hours is definitely long enough - I just got held up because I got stuck.

It was harder than my Art History paper and a bit harder than previous Construction Studies papers.

Some questions were more difficult, others were straightforward. My exam was in the afternoon, so I made use of the time to study.

The paper is worth 50pc, because we did a four-hour practical exam last month. We had to make something on the day, and I almost got that finished but I missed out on a small bit of the construction - it was really hard to do.

We also had to do a project, and I made a model house.

Physics and chemistry is on Monday.

This weekend I'll focus on Phys-Chem and go over the chapters and make sure I cover everything. We did experiments that we'll have to write about on the paper.

William Murphy (19), from Cabra, is a student in St Paul's CBS.