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Conor's 'man bun' tops styles

DUBLINER Conor McGregor has sparked a new hairstyle trend.

Men in their late teens to the mid-30s are now seeking to replicate The Ultimate Fighting Championship hero.

'The Conor McGregor' look of shaved sides and a small ponytail or bun on top is reportedly one of the top requests at The Grafton Barber.

Man stole $5m 'Strad' violin

A man accused of masterminding the theft of a $5m ($4m) Stradivarius violin has pleaded guilty to robbery, nearly eight months after the 300 year-old instrument was snatched from a musician who was attacked with a stun gun following a performance in Milwaukee.

Salah Salahadyn (42) was taken into custody after changing his plea during a hearing in Milwaukee County court. He could face more than a decade in prison when sentenced Nov. 10.

The instrument was missing for nine days before police found it, still in good condition, in a suitcase at the Milwaukee home of Salahadyn's acquaintances.

Baby born in womb implant

In a medical first, a woman in Sweden has given birth after receiving a womb transplant, the doctor who performed the pioneering procedure said Friday.

The 36-year-old mother received a uterus from a close family friend last year.

Her baby boy was born prematurely but healthy last month, and mother and child are now at home and well.

The identities of the woman and her male partner were not disclosed.

Protestors pull out of talks

Hong Kong pro-democracy protesters called off talks with the government on electoral reforms after mobs of people tried to drive them from streets they had occupied in one of the city's main shopping areas.

The Hong Kong Federation of Students, one of the groups leading the protests that swelled to the tens of thousands, said they saw no choice but to cancel the talks.

"We call upon all Hong Kong people to immediately come to protect our positions," the group said.