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Conor's dream ofstudying business and law comes true as teen scoops 900 points

One Dubliner who achieved a whopping 900 points in his Leaving Cert.

Conor Gallagher (above) recorded nine A1s in his results this morning but said that he can't quite come to terms with it.

"I can't believe the results, it still hasn't sunk in," the delighted Leaving Cert student told the Herald today. "It's just surreal."

Conor (18) was a student at St Michael's college on the Ailesbury Road in Dublin, and was aiming high this year but he had no idea that he would achieve a perfect scorecard.

The brainy school-leaver collected his results early this morning and rushed to call his mum at home with his news.

"I think she was just a bit shocked and still is," he confessed.

He is headed for a business and law degree in UCD in September.


"The points for the course were around 515 last year so I wanted to be safe with some extra subjects," he explained. "I know now that nine was probably a little too safe."

The modest Dubliner puts his amazing grades down to working hard all year but had his down time too.

"But I kept up football and rugby too because you have to strike a balance and I used them to relax," he said.

Conor topped the list of 13 from around the country to hit the high A1 tally.

Meanwhile there were tears of joy and lots of smiles this morning at Mount Temple school in Marino as nervous students turned up to get their Leaving Cert results.

Clara O'Flaherty (18) from Clontarf cried as she waved her certificate with six A1s and a B1 giving her an incredible 625 points.

"I am very shocked. I had hoped for more than 500 but this is just incredible," she told the Herald. "I did work hard but I will look back and be thankful. I'm hoping to do medicine in Trinity and while I don't know yet what the points requirement is I am hopeful," she added.

Also smiling was Enya Levy (18), with 595 points including four A1s.

"I never in a million years thought I would get this many points. It has been a tough year and this is a weight off my shoulders," said the Raheny girl who hopes to do law at Trinity.

David O'Byrne from Clontarf was cool, calm and collected as he passed on the news to his family that he had got 580 points.

"I thought I did alright but did better in the end than I expected. I did work hard though, I got into a routine with homework and study and it worked," said the 18- year-old school rugby captain who plans to study accounting and finance in DCU.

Martha Murphy Gilligan (18) from Drumcondra said she was "on top of the world" with her 480 points. Her friend and classmate camille Rantz McDonald (18), also from Drumcondra said her 470 points should be enough for her first choice of geography and politics in Trinity.

Luke Walsh from Swords, and his Clontarf pals Kevin Mullins and Shane Donnelly were also breathing a sigh of relief after opening their results. They got 460, 495 and 415 points respectively, and also said taking the gamble on higher level maths was worth it.

School principal Liam Wegimont said he was delighted how well the students did across all levels of ability.

And for our very own Herald Leaving Cert diarist Rebecca Merrigan (inset), who studied at Trinity Comprehensive School in Ballymun, there was a beaming smile too.

Rebecca tallied a total of 410 and was delighted.

"It's exactly what I had hoped for, and it might be enough for me to do multi-media Studies in DCU," she said.