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Connolly in F-word rant at snapper

comedian Billy Connolly left a bad taste in the mouths of fans after he verbally abused a female photographer at the start of his show.

Connolly, who's on a nationwide tour with his The Man Live show, shocked audiences at Killarney's INEC on Thursday night when he showered a tirade of abuse on local photographer, Valerie O'Sullivan, calling her a "f***ing c**t".

Afterwards he admitted to his audience he had "turned a bit Glaswegian".

The awarding-winning photographer had taken a picture of the comedian, provoking his anger. From the stage he lashed out at her, saying: "Will someone come here and see to this f***ing c**t."

Ms O'Sullivan declined to comment but is understood to have been very upset about it.

It is also understood the promoters, Pat Egan Management, have been in touch with her. When contacted by the Herald, a spokesman said they had no comment to make. Members of the audience who had attended the sell-out event took to social media afterwards, posting messages expressing their disgust at the Scotsman's behaviour and calling on him to apologise to her.

The outburst occurred shortly into the show when Connolly noticed the photographer, pointed at her and asked: "Are you taking photos of me?"

He kept pointing at her and continued: "Yeah, you. You're still taking photographs of me."

At this stage the audience was laughing but the tone changed when Connolly continued: "I'm serious, stop it." He then called for ushers to remove Ms O'Sullivan, using the offensive language.

Onlookers said the whole atmosphere inside the auditorium changed. Some fans described his behaviour as "shameful".