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Conmen net €350 a go in telly racket

WITH the introduction of digital television (Saorview) throughout the EU, most people don't have to do or buy anything in preparation.

Anyone with Sky or UPC is just fine. However, the 340,000 people still using aerials will need to get a new set-top box to receive the signal from next year.

This will cost from just €59 from reputable outlets, but disturbingly RTE says it has received complaints from customers who have been targeted by bogus salesmen. These individuals claim to have been sent out by the national broadcaster to "fit" dishes, boxes and other unnecessary equipment, and charge €350 for the privilege.

Our advice is to say no to anyone who calls at your door purporting to be a Saorview representative. They are not. The www.saorview.ie website has loads of information on the changeover.

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