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Conman got €10k from bank and blew it in weeks

A GAMBLER who stole and defrauded over €10,600 from the Bank of Ireland has had his sentence adjourned so he can repay the cash.

Pat Sheedy (40) used his employer's name as a reference to get credit on an empty new account at BOI's Irish Financial Services Centre branch in Dublin and withdrew €10,606.85 in person and at various ATMs in less than two weeks.

He claimed on arrest that he gambled "95pc" of the money and intended to pay the bank back but knew "deep down" he wouldn't have the means.

Sheedy, of Cliona Park, Moyross, Limerick, pleaded guilty at Dublin Circuit Criminal Court to ten counts of theft at ATMs and four counts of inducing another by deception to authorise withdrawals of between €1,300 and €2,000 at BOI branches from June 8 to 20, 2007.

Det Garda Emma Ryan revealed that a 'Global Markets' representative called the assistant manager at La Touche House BOI on June 5, 2007 to say a prospective client would be coming into the branch to open an account, but would seek credit until a large cash transfer came through from the UK.


Sheedy arrived with his own passport, telephone bill and a reference from his real Institute of Transport Management (ITM) employer, who was an existing BOI customer.

Sheedy told the bank branch's assistant manager, Niall Brosnan, that he expected a cash transfer of €405,000 to come through from his British property shares company Global Markets"in about four weeks.

Mr Brosnan felt Sheedy's application was legitimate and granted him credit.

Sheedy withdrew €1,800 on June 8 and €2,000 on June 11, 2007 when his credit was increased. The assistant manager increased the credit again to €8,000 on June 15 because Sheedy rang to say the €405,000 transfer was being delayed, but was being sorted.

The credit was increased to €11,335 when Mr Brosnan received an ITM email confirming that the €405,000 had been transferred but would take three days to clear. Mr Brosnan cancelled Sheedy's laser card when he realised there was no money transfer.

Sheedy made full admissions when arrested and said he had never owned property in the UK and that he had a gambling addiction. He was released on bail pending sentence.