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Conjoined twins are our little fighters, say proud parents

PROUD parents Angie and Azzedine Benhaffaf have given Ireland the first glimpse of their thriving conjoined twin boys -- ahead of surgery to separate them.

The boys -- Hassan and Hussein -- are now scheduled to undergo a marathon operation later this year in a specialist London hospital.

Crucially, the two boys are not understood to share any major organs and the surgery will take place once the brothers get stronger and put on weight.

Yesterday, their proud mother and father allowed their sons to be photographed in Cork after acknowledging that there was huge public interest in the progress of their 'two little fighters'.

"They are a gift -- we feel absolutely blessed by having them," Angie said.

"The first day I held them in my arms I knew I was chosen.

"It wasn't expected that they would live so hence their nickname, the two little fighters. No-one expected them to do as well as they have been doing. Everything is now in God's hands."