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Confusion and violence ended mechanic's life

Pawel Kalite and Marius Szwajkos weren't the only men to die at the hands of teenagers in Ireland that year. On December 7, 2008, 50-year-old Aidan O'Kane died from a gunshot wound fired by then-16-year-old Conor Duffy in East Wall.

O'Kane, a gifted mechanic, had moved to the area in a bid to rebuild his life after falling on hard times. He built up a friendship with some teenage boys, helping to fix their bikes and unfortunately also allowing them to smoke cannabis in his Shelmalier Road house. Among this group was Conor Duffy.

When some of his belongings were stolen and a garda warned him that it was inappropriate to allow the kids into his home, O'Kane banned the group.

This triggered a lengthy campaign of harassment as his house was pelted with eggs, his puppy was stolen and he was subjected to verbal abuse. On the night before his death, some youths even attempted to set his car on fire.

The following day, a group of youngsters, including Conor Duffy, returned to pelt the house with eggs. Mr O'Kane decided he'd had enough. He went out to confront them, clad in a biker jacket and balaclava. Seeing him, terrified kids scattered, with one shouting "he's got a gun".

Watching the commotion, Conor Duffy believed O'Kane was armed, so he left the scene and returned with a gun he had found buried in undergrowth some days previously. He had never seen a real loaded weapon previously and didn't even know how to use it. When he returned, O'Kane followed him into a laneway off Bargy Road and, still believing the other man was armed, Duffy fired the gun with the intention of hitting him in the leg. The gun "went up" as he fired, the bullet lodging in O'Kane's chest. That one shot was enough to end Aidan O'Kane's life.

More than two years later, Conor Duffy was found guilty of manslaughter at the Central Criminal Court.