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Concern for marketers as CEOs claim that campaigns have little impact on profits

Irish marketers are often heard complaining that their role is all too often undervalued by chief executives. Marketing directors and senior brand managers are puzzled as to why the boardroom is off-limits.

A recent study in the UK offers reasons why senior management give marketers the thumbs down when it comes to handing over positions of power.

A report by customer acquisition agency Fournaise Marketing said 73pc of CEOs believe marketers lack credibility.

Marketers are not the business growth generators they should be and are often unable to show how the strategies and campaigns they deploy grow more consumer demand, sales, prospects, conversions and market share.


In interviews with 600 bosses and decision makers across Europe, the US, Asia and Australia, it was said marketers keep on talking about the brand, brand values and brand equity.

But CEOs have difficulty in linking these parameters to meaningful results -- such as revenue, sales and even market valuation. Marketers focus on the latest trends, like social media, because they say they represent the 'new marketing frontiers'.

But 77pc of bosses accuse their marketing colleagues of rarely showing how these trends help improve the bottom line. Marketers ask for bigger budgets, but cannot explain how much new business the extra funds will generate. Stakeholders are bombarded with marketing data that has nothing to do with profit and loss. When asked to increase their marketing return on investment, they see it as cost cutting, instead of top-line growth.

Most worrying for marketers, 69pc of bosses said strategies and campaigns have no impact, confirming the great CEO-marketer disconnect.