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Company loses crack action

A BUILDERS' supplier has lost a High Court action over a crack in its warehouse it claimed was caused by demolition work next door.

Gerard Linnane and Patrick Linnane Properties Ltd, trading as Richmond Builders' Providers, 146/148 Richmond Road, Fairview, sued the National Association of Building Co-operatives and Walmac Demolition Ltd over the damage allegedly caused by works to its warehouse wall between 2006 and 2007.

NABCO and Walmac, which was employed to carry out the demolition, denied the claims and said the 3mm ceiling to floor wall crack was there before work started.


French soldiers in Mali have arrested an extremist accused of assassinating four Saudi Arabians and an American national.

Cheibani Ould Hama, a Malian national, was a low-ranking member of al-Qaida in the Islamic Maghreb. Officials in Niger said he was among 22 prisoners who escaped during an attack by suspected militants from the extremist Boko Haram.

Cheibani was sentenced to 20 years' prison in March for his role in multiple killings.


An animal handler is recovering in a hospital after being attacked by a Bengal tiger at an Australian zoo owned by the family of late wildlife expert Steve Irwin.

Dave Styles is stable in hospital after the tiger dragged him into a pool and bit his neck and shoulders at the Queensland facility.

Zoo officials said Styles was wearing a poncho, and the tiger may have mistaken him for its favourite toy.


A BOSNIAN court sentenced a criminal gang leader to 40 years in prison for a string of mafia-style murders and organizing a €1.2m bank transfer robbery.

Ring-leader Zijad Turkovic was sentenced yesterday. Two of the murders he was convicted of included shooting a former associate and his Colombian girlfriend in the head.

His hit-man, Milenko Lakic, was also sentenced to 40 years for murder and organised crime.