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Companies clash with council over litter tax

PROPOSALS for a new anti-litter tax are set to cause friction between Dublin City Council and employers.

Environment Minister Phil Hogan has sought submissions on the so-called packaging levy, aimed at forcing companies to reduce the amount of packaging they use.

Business group IBEC claims the charge is effectively a "stealth tax".

But the council has already drawn up a draft document supporting the proposals.

City representative Pat Dunne told the Herald he is in favour of the local authority's stance.

"I welcome the draft report on the basis that it for once changes the emphasis to the producer rather than the consumer," Mr Dunne said.


IBEC has insisted it cannot see the justification for what it termed a "stealth revenue raising tax".

"We've looked at the experience in other countries and it seems that where a packaging levy has been introduced it undermines the existing producer responsibility system with Repak, for example," the organisation's Conor Gouldsbury said.

"We haven't seen any evidence yet that it will change behaviour in terms of preventing packaging," he added.

The system in Ireland at the moment is based on Repak, an industry-funded initiative.

Members are charged on the "type and amount of packaging they produce", according to its website.