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Commuters hit with bus and rail fare hikes

CASH fares for Dublin Bus, Luas and Dart customers are being hiked from the start of next month.

The fare increases - as much as 25 cent in some cases - will come as a blow for hard-pressed Dublin commuters who have been left reeling from a series of hikes in recent years.

The changes will affect those paying cash but also monthly and annual ticket holders.

But the National Transport Authority said that customers who switched to the Leap travel card would secure better value.

On Dublin Bus, the current €1.80 fare rises to €1.95, the €2.35 fare increases to €2.55, the €2.60 to €2.80 and €3.05 to €3.30.

Child and Leap fares rise between five and 10 cents each.

On Luas, off-peak cash fares are increased, as are all-day adult tickets.

Short-hop trips with Irish Rail will increase by 8pc, with inter-city fares also due to increase.

An adult single cash fare increases from €1.50 to €1.70.

Regional city bus services offered by Bus Eireann increase by 10 cent, but fall for longer journeys.

The NTA this morning also announced a second journey discount on Dublin Bus to take effect by the end of the year, to be extended to all operators after.

A lower fare will apply when a second trip is taken within 90 minutes of the first.

"With over 750,000 Leap Cards now in circulation and almost €2m per week used in travel credit, the Leap Card has clearly been welcomed by the travelling public," chief executive Gerry Murphy said.

"Even with the fares increases announced today - a Leap Card fare in 2015 will nearly always be the same as or lower than a cash fare was in 2012."