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Commuter horror as bus crushes man's leg

A Dublin man in his 60s has undergone emergency surgery today after he was run over by a bus at the Customs House.

The incident happened on Eden Quay at around 6.25am, when the Dublin Bus double-decker was travelling from the south quays to the north quays.


The man, believed to be in his 60s and from the Sandymount area, was knocked over by the bus and suffered crush injuries to his right leg.

Eye-witness Margarita Cowper, who shares a Dart journey with the man every morning, said she had just said goodbye to him.

The victim was taken to the Mater Hospital, and the driver of the bus was also taken from the scene and treated for shock.

"There are three of us that have known each other for years because we travel on the same train every morning. It is very sad," Margarita told the Herald.

"He works in the Law Library. We had just said goodbye and had parted company when the bus came," she added, saying she did not see or hear the bus before the accident.

"His leg is very badly injured and he was in a lot of pain, but he was conscious and gave me his phone to ring his wife," she explained.

"We had just come from the train, like we always do. It was a big shock.

"We have known each other for years as passengers on the train. The three of us that sit together even had a little Christmas party on the train," Margarita said through tears.

Dublin Bus and the gardai have launched separate investigations into the incident.


The double decker involved in the incident remained at the scene after the victim was taken to hospital.

Dublin Fire Brigade said it received a call from Phibsboro Bus Depot about the accident at 6.25am, and sent one fire brigade, two ambulances and an emergency tender to the scene.

"The man suffered severe leg injuries, but was conscious and breathing before being taken to the Mater Hospital," said a spokesman.