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Comedian Jason for whacky Sky show

COMEDIAN Jason Byrne has been lined up to front up a new Sky 1 game-show that will see contestants dressing up as woodland animals and competing for a cache of gold coins.

The gameshow, which was commissioned in August, features teams undertaking challenges for a prize pot.

But there is one major twist in the show.

The whacky quiz show will see couples or family relations team up to take on a "gigantic woodland obstacle course" for the chance to walk away with a fortune in gold coins buried deep within the forest.

Byrne will join English wildlife presenter Kate Humble for 'Wild Things,' a six-part series due for broadcast next year.

The Dubliner said he is "really proud" to be a part of the new show.

Byrne (42) called it "one of the funniest" television productions he has ever worked on.


"It's not often I cry laughing at a badger bashing a duck while an owl bowls them over to the ground. But then again, who wouldn't find that funny?" he said.

"That's the magic of Wild Things - even the hardest heart will laugh loudly at this show."

One member of each team will be nominated as the so-called 'Wild Thing', meaning they will have to wear a woodland protection suit designed to look like a cute forest animal.

There are a range of animal costumes available including foxes, badgers, squirrels and even a mole.

Not only will the contestant look ridiculous they will be completely blind and reliant upon their partner to guide them safely through the course and to victory.

Byrne's brand new DVD, 'Special Eye Live' was released in November.

Humble, who has presented a number of wildlife programmes for the BBC and other channels down through the years is perhaps best known for her work on 'Springwatch,' an annual series charting the fortunes of British Wildlife during the changing of the seasons in the UK.

Byrne is the second Dublin funnyman to have landed a key Sky 1 show this year after former RTE presenter Baz Ashmawy's success with 50 Ways to Kill Your Mammy.'


Sky 1 Channel Director, Adam McDonald said the network is "chuffed" to be welcoming Byrne and Humble into the fold to anchor the "utterly bonkers" new series.

"The show is like nothing we've seen before - with a blend of giant woodland creatures, bickering couples and pots of gold. It's a big daft slice of genius," he said.

The new show will premiere in 2015.