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Comedian held after Fifa stunt

Prankster Simon Brodkin was arrested for trespassing after storming in to Sepp Blatter's press conference and showering the Fifa president with money.

He was released after being questioned by Swiss police yesterday evening and will be charged with trespass in the coming weeks but is unlikely to be jailed for the offence.

Brodkin was seen being taken away by police after the stunt, but found time to tweet a photo of himself gatecrashing the event shortly after the incident.

"Excited to be at Fifa meeting Sepp Blatter to secure the North Korea 2026 World Cup," he wrote.


The comedian, in his character of Jason Bent, barged in front of Blatter (79) and laid down a wad of dollar bills during the conference in Zurich.

As he was led away, Brodkin, who uses the stage name Lee Nelson, threw another bundle of notes at Blatter, saying: "Here you go Sepp."

It was not the first time the comedian had shown up at an event without an invitation.

During rapper Kanye West's headline set at Glastonbury, he appeared on stage as Nelson wearing a T-shirt with "Lee-Zus" on it.