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Coma mum's joy at standing for 12 minutes

IRISH coma mum Nicole Ryan Graham is "chuffed" after standing for 12 minutes as she continues on her journey to walk again.

The 28 year old mum-of-three spent eight weeks in a coma following a horror road accident in Kansas a year ago.

She has shown great courage in learning how to eat, speak and stand again.


Her mum Caroline spoke of her happiness at her daughter's delight at being able to stand for 12 minutes in her specially designed orthopaedic boots.

"Nicole is doing really well. She got her new boots and she stood for 12 minutes, she was chuffed with herself, so a good start to a new year," she said.

On February 8, Nicole was a passenger in a car that was travelling on a highway in Kansas that lost control and drove into a wall.

The condition of the road was said to have been extremely hazardous.

Nicole only began to speak in August and after that her memory began to return and she recognised her three young girls.

The mum-of-three, originally from Moyross in Limerick and Meelick, Co Clare, has been recovering rapidly since she was transferred from the Meadowbrook Rehab Center in Gardner, Kansas around five months ago.

Employed as a court clerk in Kansas, Nicole is mother of Kendra, Katie and Kellsey, aged between two and 11 years.

Nicole has benefited from the 24-hour attention and the concentrated care that she has received at the state-of-the-art facility at Meadowbrook in Kansas. She was visited last November by the man who dragged her from the wreckage in February and saved her life.


Nicole's family in Limerick and her friends across the Atlantic have been involved in a variety of fundraising efforts to help pay for her substantial hospital bills.

The near-fatal crash occurred five days after her medical insurance ran out.

She has been left with a bill in excess of $1m (€795,000) but was recently issued with a green card and is having her treatment covered by Medicaid.

Nicole has been living in the US for the past 15 years.