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Collins' hair in museum as auction is abandoned

A LOCK of Michael Collins's hair is destined for the National Museum after a controversial plan to sell it was abandoned.

The Irish hero's hair was to be auctioned today at James Adam and Sons in Dublin but an outcry by Collins' relatives resulted in the sale being cancelled.

The lock of hair was taken from the head of Collins (inset) by his sister Kitty Collins Sheridan as his body lay in state in City Hall in Dublin in 1922. He was shot dead in an ambush by Republicans in Cork during the Civil War.

His grand-niece Nora Owen, said it was "very nasty" to attempt to sell off the hair.

The identity of the woman selling the lock of hair was not divulged.

"It was given to her by Michael Collins's sister. I'm sure she did not give it to her to make a lot of money out of it 50 years later."