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Cold spell on the way for Halloween

It may be time to rethink that skimpy Halloween costume with mist, drizzle and freezing temperatures coming our way.

Met Eireann is predicting mixed weather from tomorrow onwards, so have that brolly to hand when making plans for the bank holiday weekend.

It said that tomorrow will be cloudy in most places with fog on the hills and outbreaks of light rain.

The temperature will be a maximum 13 to 15C in a freshening northeast wind, according to the national forecaster.

Meanwhile, Thursday will start cloudy, drizzly and misty in many areas but clearer colder air will push down from the north during the day in a blustery northeast wind.


It said that "good sunny spells will develop and it will become dry, apart from a few showers on north and east facing coasts."

However it said that the cloud may be slow to clear southern counties. Meanwhile Thursday night will be much colder than recent nights.

The outlook for Friday is that it will be a cold, bright and blustery day with fresh northeast winds, and it will be very blustery along the south coast.

"Many places will be dry but some heavy showers are likely on east and north facing coasts," it said.

The national forecaster said Friday night will be cold with a widespread frost likely as the wind eases and temperatures fall to between zero and -3C.

The forthcoming bank holiday Saturday will be "a bright, cold day with sunny spells". Many places will be dry but some showers are expected in some areas.

However it said that Sunday and Monday will be a little less cold with top temperatures of 10 or 11C. Meanwhile, Donegal postman Michael Gallagher, who is a foremost amateur forecaster, has warned that Ireland should prepare for a harsh winter because snow is on the way.

He said that he is 99pc sure that the country will suffer heavy falls before Christmas, though he won't go as far as predicting a white Christmas.

Mr Gallagher, who makes his predictions by studying plants and animals, said: "I have never seen as many berries on the trees in the mountains and the birds are singing very loudly in recent days. I'm 99pc sure we'll have plenty of snow."