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Coillte boss will take 15pc pay cut

FORESTRY body Coillte has confirmed that its chairman will voluntary give up 15pc of his salary.

The move comes after the Government expressed disappointment that chairman David Gunning was the only remaining head of a semi-State agency not to have implemented the request.

Coillte issued a statement which outlined that Mr Gunning did not decline to accept the proposed voluntary waiver at any stage.

The forestry group said that no decision had previously been made on the issue, which it said had been under consideration for some time.

Minister for Public Expenditure Brendan Howlin asked the chief executives of commercial semi-States to take a 15pc pay cut where their salary was above €250,000 over five months ago.

And in June, Mr Howlin set new pay levels for new appointees to the public service.

However, these rates could not be forced on those already in their jobs, according to legal advice from the Attorney-General.

The minister then publicly asked semi-State chief executives to volunteer a 15pc cut.

This applied if their pay was over €250,000 for commercial semi-States, with a threshold of €200,000 for non-commercial bodies.