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Coffee dock bid to revive boardwalk

A CITY authority is selling licences for mobile coffee shops on the Liffey's boardwalk in an effort to drive out anti-social behaviour.

The riverside boardwalk has been plagued by anti-social behaviour, with drug addicts and dealers congregating there.

But the Dublin Docklands Development Authority (DDDA) is now taking bids from coffee sellers to set up units in five locations both on the north and south side of the river Liffey.

They'll be located at Custom House Quay, Spencer Dock, City Quay, and Sir John Rogerson's Quay opposite Lime Street junction and opposite Forbes Street junction.

A spokesperson for the DDDA said: "It's to maximise the amenity potential of the area. It's like a public park for people to walk around.

"Coffee units have been operating here for a long time, and there's been four in operation over the last three or four years."

Tenders are being received by Dublin City Council and licences will start on February 28. City councillors are welcoming the move, since they say the units will make the area more attractive for visitors and locals.

Cllr Christy Burke said: "There's been anti-social behaviour going on there and some type of activity there might prevent or reduce that.

"God help those that are addicted that congregate there. People are intimidated and greeted with young mothers who're addicted."

He warned that if the coffee stations did not help to enhance the area, then it's "time to fold up the tent and go home".

Meanwhile, Cllr Nial Ring said an increased number of searches were being made by gardai along the boardwalk, reducing anti-social behaviour

"Store Street Garda Station has done a great job," he said.