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Cocktail-mixing, bras on the ceiling - how Fair City is getting a new look

FAIR CITY star Aoibhinn Garrihy has revealed the soap is set for a modern makeover.

Aoibhinn, who plays Neasa Dillon, revealed to the Herald that new story lines and a younger vibe will be hitting our screens soon.

"It's an exciting place at the moment because we are putting a new fresh face on it. I'm working in The Station now, the new nightclub, and actors Sam who plays Finn, and Victor, who plays Wayne, are great craic."

And the lads appear to be influenced by Tom Cruise's character in his break-out film Cocktail -- they're taking courses to look realistic as they mix cocktails on screen.

"They've done cocktail courses since working in The Station, just to get a feel of what it's like to really be behind the bar, and that's something new that's never been seen in Fair City. We're talking about putting up pictures from a night out and hanging bras from the ceiling just to give that youthful vibe," she explained.


Despite her slender figure and long blonde hair, Aoibhinn (23) said that she had never thought about modelling because becoming an actress had always been her main goal.

But the Irish star admitted that looks probably did play a part in landing her a top role.

"No I haven't thought about modelling, acting has always been my number one. "I don't know, yeah I suppose good looks help but luck is always a big part of it," she explained.

Aoibhinn was welcomed to Carrigstown almost a year ago and quickly caught the attention thanks to her ill-fated fling with the then married Damien Halpin.

Not surprisingly, Aoibhinn says she is glad to get the chance to work on such a well-known series.

"I'm really enjoying it, I've learned so much. We are like a big family, everyone is really generous with their wisdom. There is huge dedication," she said.

However it certainly is not the easiest of jobs, as Aoibhinn says she's in work from 6am in the morning and can film up to 20 scenes a day all week long.

Essentially we make a film a week. We can film 15 or 16 scenes in a day, with only one take each time, whereas in movies they have multiple takes. But it depends on the story lines. This week I'm busy but next week I'm off," she revealed.


Since joining the cast, Aoibhinn says she has started to get noticed when she is out in public, but only in the countryside.

"Definitely when I go down the country I get recognised. My family and boyfriend are in Clare and Fair City is huge outside Dublin," she explained.