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Cocaine stash at dad's home

A young father who was caught with cocaine and drug paraphernalia at his home has been given a six-year suspended sentence.

Dublin Circuit Criminal Court heard gardai went to Alan Wai's home at Corkagh View, Clondalkin, with a search warrant.

They found €1,535 of cocaine, €188 of amphetamines, €5 of MDMA, empty plastic bags, plastic cut-outs and a notebook containing names and amounts in his bedroom.

Wai (23) pleaded guilty to possessing the cocaine for sale or supply at his home on March 21, 2008.

Judge Tony Hunt heard Wai had got into drugs and alcohol in his teens out of peer pressure and curiosity and got heavily into cocaine around the time of a family bereavement.

Facebook fans'

privacy fatigue

Facebook users are struggling to keep up with the "dizzying" number of changes to privacy settings made by the social network, a survey has found.

Almost half (48pc) of the 953 people questioned by consumer magazine Which? Computing confessed they had failed to keep track of all the security changes that had been introduced, while almost a fifth (19pc) said they had never altered their privacy settings.

Despite concerns about the amount of personal information being published by users of the website, many could be suffering "privacy fatigue", the magazine suggested.