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Coalition in-fighting as glossy new leaflet hails Labour success

RELATIONS between the Coalition partners were under the microscope today following Labour's move to claim credit for Government successes.

The bizarre in-fighting over who should get credit for various projects hit a new low when Labour published an extensive leaflet boasting of its work.

It comes after Labour minister Pat Rabbitte forced Fine Gael to abandon its own back-slapping event -- a photo opportunity at Merrion Square in Dublin city centre -- branding it "silly" and "partisan gaiety".

Within hours of Mr Rabbitte's intervention,it emerged that the junior partners themselves were planning a PR blitz to boast about their "key achievements".

Yet, a short time later it was revealed the Minister for Communications' own party is planning to reach hundreds of thousands of homes next week with a full-colour leaflet, paid for by public money.

The glossy pamphlet boasts of 'key Labour achievements in the first year of Government' but makes no mention of Fine Gael.

Individual Labour TDs and senators will be able to distribute the leaflet in their own constituencies by asking the Dail's printing department for stock.

But Fianna Fail finance spokesman Michael McGrath said Labour has "nothing to be proud of" following 12 months in office.

Taoiseach Enda Kenny said he knew nothing about the Fine Gael photocall until he heard Mr Rabbitte on radio.

Like Labour, Fine Gael also produced a leaflet for TDs on the party's record in office in its first year.