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Clues to finding Amy in Spain, says psychic

An Englishman who describes himself as a psychic investigator has claimed that clues to finding missing Amy Fitzpatrick are to be found in an area of land in Spain.

Joe Power told Spanish police they should search a fenced-off area in the Costa del Sol for clues after he travelled to Spain in cooperation with one of the missing teenager's aunts.

Dubliner Amy Fitzpatrick disappeared on the night of January 1, while walking to her mother's Spanish home in Calahonda, near Fuengirola.

Mr Power, who twice travelled to Spain after he was in contact with Amy's aunt Christine Kenny in Dublin, told police that he had found an area in the region that police should search.


No clues to Amy's disappearance have yet been found and some of her relatives have been desperate for any possible help from anyone. Ms Kenny has also been in contact with Irishwoman Maura Martin who has also made claims that she has special abilities to help locate the missing girl.

Mr Power has stated he gives much of his time seeking the whereabouts of missing persons and murder victims in the UK.

He claimed to have come up with clues during the search for missing English child Shannon Matthews.

He now claims that clues to Amy's disappearance can be found in an area which is about 12 kilometres from where Amy went missing.

The area is at the back of a Costa Del Sol hospital heading onto farm land in Los Altos.

The following 'clues' are to be found in this area, he has claimed:

l Scrap cars which may lead to the white car which has also been missing since Amy disappeared.

l The missing car was in this area on the night Amy went missing, he says.

l A rusty diesel metal tank is in the area which could be a clue.

l A yellow house above a ravine in the area has appeared in an 'image' which Power claims could be a clue.

Meanwhile, Christine Kenny continues to campaign for the introduction of a European Alert System for missing children, similar to the Amber Alert System which operates in the US when a child is abducted. Her campaign has so far resulted in more than 11,000 signatures on an online and paper petition.

She is asking all Irish MEPs to sign her petition and so far the following MEPs have signed it: Mary Lou McDonnell MEP, Jim Higgins MEP, Gay Mitchell MEP, Proinsias De Rossa MEP, Liam Aylward MEP, Mairead McGuinness MEP, Kathy Sinnott, MEP and Eoin Ryan MEP.


The online petition can be signed on http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/AMBERALERTNOW/index.html.

Meanwhile, Amy's mother Audrey Fitzpatrick and her partner Dave Mahon were scheduled to arrive back in Ireland today to make further appeals for help in finding her missing daughter.

They will spend a few days in Ireland before returning to their home in Spain to continue their campaign there.