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Clubber was 'frothing at the mouth in violent rage'

A MAN described as a "pillar of the community" roared threats at nightclub staff after he was confronted for accidentally using the ladies' toilets, a court heard.

Owen Dunleavy (32) was "frothing at the mouth" as he warned staff he would "get them" after he was put outside the club.

Judge Ann Watkin put him on probation for six months at Dublin District Court after finding him guilty of public order offences in the incident.

However, he was cleared of a charge of assaulting the bar manager Richard Brady by kicking him in the groin as he was being restrained.

Dunleavy, of Talbot Hall, Swords, denied charges of assault, public intoxication and using threatening, abusive and insulting behaviour to cause a breach of the peace at Velvet Nightclub, also in Swords, on April 10, 2010.

A security guard said the accused was allegedly sitting in a cubicle in the women's toilets with the door wide open and his trousers around his ankles.

He said Mr Dunleavy refused to speak to him afterwards and he was told to leave. As he was escorted out by two bouncers, the defendant allegedly "went mad" and swung them around the floor.

Garda Richard Heraghty said the accused was highly intoxicated outside and when he tried to calm him down, Dunleavy shouted at the doormen: "I'm f***ing going to get yous." He was "tensed up, grinding his teeth and frothing at the mouth," the garda said.

The accused in evidence said he was in the ladies' toilets by mistake and closed the door but may not have locked it. He alleged bouncers put him in an armlock and throatlock.