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Closest friends of missing Trevor want end to family's 15-year ordeal


Trevor Deely on a night out with pals

Trevor Deely on a night out with pals

Michael Deely, whose son Trevor is one of the disappeared

Michael Deely, whose son Trevor is one of the disappeared


Trevor Deely on a night out with pals

Two of Trevor Deely's closest friends have joined his family in appealing for assistance in solving the mystery of what happened their friend who went missing 15 years ago.

Glen Cullen and Conleth Loonan, both aged in their late 30s, said they will never stop hoping that Trevor's family will finally discover what happened on the night he vanished after an office Christmas party in Dublin on December 8, 2000.

Both are convinced he did not take his own life.

"Any small piece of information, which may seem irrelevant, could be an important part of the jigsaw," said Glen (37), his closest friend since primary school.

"There was a close bond between the two of us. Trevor was very easy going. Nothing was a problem. He had such a positive outlook - he was only interested in solutions," he said.

"Fifteen years have dragged by but I remain hopeful," he said.

The last telephone call Trevor is known to have made was to Glen.

He called Glen around 4am and left a message that he was on his way home from the Christmas party and would call him the next day.


As young men in their early 20s in their native Naas, Trevor, Glen and Conleth would go out for a drink to quiet pubs to chat rather than to the noisier pubs frequented by mainly younger patrons.

Glen, now a publican in Newbridge, was an Aer Lingus flight attendant 15 years ago. Shortly before he disappeared, Trevor took a short holiday in Alaska thanks to a discounted flight arranged by Glen.

He visited a female student in Anchorage whom he had met in Ireland.

It was a relatively straight-forward holiday, including a visit to a melting glacier.

Glen had looked forward to hearing all about Trevor's trip, but their plan to meet up the following weekend never materialised as Trevor had disappeared.

"One thing I'm sure of is he did not take his own life. I'm not 99pc sure, I'm 100pc sure. He must have met with some sort of accident," he said.

Conleth Loonan, now based in Blessington, said: "I wish they could just find the poor guy and bring him home."

"It's so hard on the family, especially at this time of year," he said. "Trevor was the life and soul of the party. Easy going and great crack. An all-round good guy."

Conleth has no idea what could have happened to him.

He wondered if Trevor might have been the victim of a drunk driver. There was a taxi strike on the night he disappeared. Also, suicide was definitely not a possibility, he said.