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Close shave for D'Arcy in celebrations

GORDON D'Arcy has stuck to his promise to shave off his bushy beard if the boys in green won the Six Nations.

Only hours after beating France on Saturday, he was pictured getting his facial hair shaved off with team-mate Jonathan Sexton only too happy to oblige despite leaving the field in a neck-brace hours earlier.

D'Arcy had endured no end of slagging from the squad for growing the beard.

And its removal was captured for posterity as the boys in green travelled back on their team coach.

Posting a picture of the moment in question, Cian Healy wrote on Twitter: "Sexto gets to shave the beast! Finally."

Sexton had previously dared D'Arcy to shave off his beard if Ireland won the Six Nations and described it as a "horrible-looking thing".


Meanwhile, Healy's girlfriend, former Miss Ireland Holly Carpenter, may have partied too hard, going by her swollen ankle. She posted a picture and said: "Cian's ankles are fine, mine not so much. Ouch."