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Close associate of gang boss beat up ex-girlfriend


Bussy’s evidence was a ‘tissue of lies’ Judge Dempsey said

Bussy’s evidence was a ‘tissue of lies’ Judge Dempsey said

Bussy’s evidence was a ‘tissue of lies’ Judge Dempsey said

A close associate of the gang who were feuding with murder victim Benny Whitehouse has beaten up his own ex-girlfriend after she told him she didn't love him.

Wayne Bussy (36) punched his former partner five times, leaving her with blood dripping down her face.

Bussy had denied assaulting her, claiming the 23-year-old was "obsessed" with him and, while she wanted to marry him, he was "using her for sex".

Judge Dermot Dempsey said Bussy's evidence was "a tissue of lies" and sentenced him to three months in prison, consecutive to a 30-month sentence he is serving for his role in a stolen car scam.


A court heard Bussy was closely associated with a brutal north County Dublin gang boss at the time of this assault. The dangerous gang were feuding with Benny Whitehouse (35), who was shot dead in Balbriggan in September 2014 in front of his partner.

Bussy was found guilty before Swords District Court of assaulting his former partner at Prospect, Naul Road, Balbriggan.

She claimed she was at home in bed around 3am on June 27, 2014, when she heard banging and screaming at the front door.

She said Bussy was shouting "let me in, you b*tch".

She opened the door and told him to go away, but he pushed in and walked around, saying "there's someone here".

She said he was drunk and agitated and didn't believe her when she said it was only her and their daughter in the house.

She tried to calm him down and said he could sleep on the sofa, but he told her "we're sleeping together", and threw her mobile phone on the ground. She said the three of them went to bed, and he asked her if she loved him. She told him she didn't love him.

She said he then punched her in the face, five or six times, and her head hit off the wall. She suffered a busted lip, black eye and there was blood dripping from her face.

In his evidence, Bussy claimed his ex-partner had the injuries when he came home.

Shown a picture of his ex-partner's black eye, he claimed it could be "make-up".

He further alleged she was very possessive, got jealous of him going out and had accused him of having affairs.

Defence solicitor Matthew de Courcy said former construction worker Bussy is originally from Manchester but has lived in Ireland since 2007.