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Clocks are going forward -- and the Late Late marks the moment by bringing back John Joe

Clock-mad RTE fans have gone cuckoo for John Joe Brennan -- and the child who won the heart of the nation after an appearance on the Late Late Toy Show will be returning tonight.

John Joe is back on the chat show to discuss the changing of the clocks this weekend.

The Roscommon native became an internet sensation after his appearance in December with a number of fan sites in his honour, one of which has racked up nearly 50,000 members.

Ryan Tubridy revealed the news on his Twitter page.

"Good news about John Joe, the Late Late Toy Show horologist. He joins us this Friday... along with some beautiful antique clocks," he wrote. Although it was Ryan's inaugural year as host of the festive programme, it was a giggling John Joe who stole the show with his passion for fixing clocks.

The adorable child even inspected Tubridy's watch on air, warning him to "keep it clean" to maintain it.

Although one of his Facebook sites entitled "I want John Joe from the Late Late Toy Show to fix my clocks" has over 48,000 fans, there are several other groups and video clips featuring the giddy horologist circulating the web.

The rumours of his appearance have set the internet alight with fans writing about their excitement at seeing their favourite guest make a triumphant return.