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Cleaner 'sprayed co-worker's sandwich'

A "spiteful" cleaner secretly sprayed an office worker's sandwiches with air freshener after taking offence to him walking in to the room, a court heard.

Sharon Edwards saw red over what her own barrister called "a very trivial incident" after a male customer services worker disturbed her as she was cleaning the canteen.

The victim, Mohammed Omar Islam, had only gone to the canteen that morning to put his sandwiches in the fridge, but Edwards was later spotted spraying his lunch.


The 44-year-old office cleaner pleaded guilty at Birmingham Crown Court to administering a poison - a telephone cleaning spray and air freshener - with the intent to injure, aggrieve or annoy.

Edwards was given a 26-week suspended jail sentence.

Joanne Barker, prosecuting, said both Edwards and her victim were working at an office block in Birmingham when the incident happened.

"Mr Islam entered the canteen to put his food in the fridge and the defendant was inside cleaning," she said.

"Ms Edwards was clearly unhappy with him entering the area as she tried to clean and, had put a chair against the door (to stop anyone coming in).

"There was a verbal altercation - Mr Islam told the defendant she was rude, and put his food in the fridge and left.

"Ms Edwards then opened the fridge door and opened the lunch-box with Mr Islam's food inside, and sprayed it several times."

However, unknown to Edwards, her actions were all caught on the canteen's CCTV.