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Claudia Carroll: 'Don't get used to me being back on Fair City, I've signed a new book deal'


Claudia Carroll

Claudia Carroll

Claudia Carroll

Author Claudia Carroll has made a controversial return to Fair City - but won't be around on the soap for long, as she has signed two new book deals.

Claudia's character, Nicola Prendergast, left Carrigstown in 2007 but writers felt that it was the right time for her to come back this December.

The blonde bombshell walked back into Paul Brennan's life after hearing that he's single - even though she was just about to remarry.


"She (Nicola) has just met a nice guy but he's kind of Mr Ah-sure-he'll-do, he's just not Mr Right. So she gets cold feet, at the airport, about to fly off to Italy for her wedding and she just realises it's Paul she wants," Claudia said. "She was lonely and vulnerable and it's Christmas Eve."

Claudia (45) said that it was fun getting back on set for the 25th anniversary of the show.

"It felt like I had never been away," she said. "I was very nervous before I started, I hadn't acted since I left, and that was seven years ago.

"I was having that actor's nightmare that you're on stage, it's opening night of a play and everyone knows their lines and you don't. But the scripts were a dream and every actor has been given a great story."

While she's enjoying her soap return, the Dubliner has ruled out any permanent stay in Carrigstown and instead wants to focus on her writing.

"No, it's short," Claudia said. "I've loved it, I had really missed it. I'd been an actor my whole life but I've been writing full time so I was nervous.

"People are still coming up to me talking about Nicola and it's funny because it's happening more now that Paul is single again. They're coming up to me saying, 'Ah you'd want to sort out Paul'."

"People still remember Nicola, even though I'm seven years out of it. It's astonishing," she added.

"It has been an intense few weeks and when you are doing Fair City you really don't have time to be doing anything else, your head must really just be in it. I've actually just signed a deal for another two books with my publisher HarperCollins in the UK, so I'm thrilled."

"I've another book to start in January, which has to be finished by June, and edited over the summer. That's for publication the following year," she said.

As a writer, Claudia said that she was addicted to caffeine - but has now given it up completely.


"Like most writers I was drinking litres of coffee, like eight cups a day, and then wondering why I couldn't sleep and why I was getting spots," she told TV Now magazine.

"A dermatologist said to me, 'If you're drinking coffee, take all your expensive face creams and put them in the bin, because you are totally dehydrating yourself.'

So I went cold turkey, but I still miss it."