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Clarification: Siobhan Healy

On August 2 last in a report on the inquest into the death of Siobhan Healy, it was stated that "the toxicology report found that she was more than eight times the legal driving limit and had drunk enough alcohol to kill a man".

It has been pointed out to us that these conclusions were not contained in the toxicology report and that the inquest found that Ms Healy died of misadventure, following her fall from a fairground ride. We are happy to clarify this matter and apologise to the Healy family for the distress caused by the report.


THE UN refugee agency says 2,200 Syrian families have fled from the latest clashes and crossed into Lebanon in the past five days.

Official Lisa Abou Khaled said the refugees poured across the border in one of the largest influxes yet amid clashes between Syrian forces and rebels over the town of Qara, part of the supply line to opposition-held areas near Damascus.

Around 1.4 million Syrians, including 800,000 registered refugees, have fled to Lebanon since the conflict broke out in March 2011.


Alec Baldwin jokingly professed his love for a man in front of a large crowd as he tried to ease the backlash triggered by an internet clip that captured him berating a photographer with what sounded like a gay slur.

"I want you to be my lover, Matt," Baldwin told a member of his entourage to laughter from the crowd. "I love you, Matt. I love you in that way."

The Emmy-winning actor has sought to minimize any lingering damage after a confrontation with a photographer outside his New York home last week.


TWO members of The Real Housewives of New Jersey TV show are facing the reality of two new charges in court.

Joe and Teresa Giudice are denying bank fraud.

Authorities allege they applied for a mortgage claiming unemployed Teresa Giudice (41) earned $15,000 a month as a real estate agent.

The pair have pleaded not guilty to conspiracy to commit mail and bank fraud.