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Clampers prepare to strike over pay rises

DUBLIN clampers are preparing for an all-out strike after they voted in favour of industrial action.

Commuters may be in for several days of clamp-free city streets after SIPTU members at Dublin Street Parking Services (DSPS) voted overwhelmingly to take the unprecedented step.

The dispute centres on a 2.5pc pay increase, and SIPTU said the pay claim has been due since November 2011.

Workers claim management has "refused to honour" the agreed increase, which they say has led to the threatened industrial action.

The decision came after Dublin City Council threatened to pay less for the service if a target of 60,000 car clampings a year was not met by the DSPS.


Both sides had entered into an industrial relations process, in which the company made a series of proposals – including offering a €2,000 bonus per worker if this clamping target is achieved.

The company carries out parking enforcement on behalf of the council.

While motorists will welcome the fact that clamping staff may not be on the beat, any extended strike action could cause widespread traffic and parking problems.

A spokesperson for DSPS told the Herald: "Parking enforcement plays an important role in the overall traffic management in Dublin.

"It ensures traffic flows on clearways/bus lanes, regular turnover of spaces to assist shoppers and acts as a deterrent to non-compliance with parking regulations."