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Clamper told black woman to 'go back to your own country'


 A clamped car.

A clamped car.

A clamped car.

DUBLIN City Council has asked for a full report into an incident where a clamper allegedly told a black woman to "go back home".

A witness told the Herald how she came upon the shocking exchange between the clamper in Rathmines yesterday afternoon.

"It was about 12pm, I had just passed the Rathmines leisure centre and I saw a clamper parked on the side of the road. There was an African lady talking to the clamper man," said Sarah, who preferred not to give her full name.

"She was obviously upset, she was giving out and he was saying to her 'Go back to your own f***king country'."

Sarah said that she intervened immediately and challenged the individual.

"I said there was absolutely no need for racial comment, there was no need for these remarks. This was a professional, under the guise of Dublin City Council," she told the Herald.


"She was upset, as everyone is when they are clamped. Unfortunately you have to deal with upset people 90pc of the time when you are a clamper.

"I was disgusted. He was supposed to be a professional."

Sarah, who works with the homeless, said that the man didn't respond to her criticism and got into his van.

"I work with the public on many different levels and often I would give them a piece of my mind," she said.

"It was absolutely crazy, that a professional would act like that. There are times when we would all like to say things, but he felt he was quite entitled to say to this woman to 'f**k off'back to her own country.

"It is disgustingly inappropriate."

A spokesman for Dublin City Council said that they would be investigating the incident.

"We have instructed Dublin Street Parking Services (DSPS) to provide a full report on the alleged incident," he said.

"All official complaints received in relation to Enforcement Operatives are thoroughly investigated and responded to, once the investigation has concluded.

"Dublin City Council has not as yet received any complaint in relation to this alleged incident," the representative added.