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Clampdown on illegal parking by city gardai


 CONCERNS: Christy Burke

CONCERNS: Christy Burke

CONCERNS: Christy Burke

CITY gardai have been reprimanded for parking illegally at garda stations, the Herald has learned.

Dublin City Council officials raised the issue with Garda management after receiving a number of complaints from councillors and members of the public.

Gardai are suspected to have been parking vehicles illegally outside a number of stations such as Store Street and Pearse Street.

Claims that clampers are refusing to clamp officers' vehicles was also examined, the Herald understands.

Complaints from the public and city politicians were raised with Garda management who vowed to deal with the issue "more vigorously".

A senior engineer with Dublin City Council confirmed that the matter has been raised with gardai in the city.

"Garda authorities advise that this matter is now being addressed much more vigorously than previously by Garda authorities, and that they discourage parking of privately-owned cars in locations where car parking is not allowed," the engineer stated.


"DCC Parking Enforcement Contractor is instructed by DCC Parking Section to clamp private cars which are illegally parked in the vicinity of garda stations.

"Garda authorities have assured DCC that they will not support appeals regarding such clamping, except in relation to unmarked official garda cars," he added.

Members of the public have claimed that the illegal parking is posing a danger to pedestrians, cyclists and ongoing traffic.

Incidents of officers parking on double yellow lines, at junctions, on pavements and in cycle and bus lanes have been referred for investigation.

A number of officers are understood to have been warned to stop the behaviour.

Independent councillor Christy Burke, who has raised the matter with the council, said it is imperative that nobody is seen as being "above the law".

"I welcome the fact that this is being addressed and particularly that it has been acknowledged by garda management," he told the Herald.

"Nobody can be seen as being above the law and clearly this has been an issue for quite some time.

"I will be following up with to ensure that the pledges by the gardai to vigorously address this are fulfilled," he added.